Here you will find a huge knowledge base of answers to the most common questions. If your question cannot be answered using this list of Frequently Asked Questions, we ask that you please contact Support by opening a ticket in your account.

THRIVE is the fastest growing health & wellness movement in the world meant to help people of all ages look & feel their best, and live a premium lifestyle.

THRIVE products are specifically designed to help you fill nutritional gaps & deficiencies we all have in the modern world, and make it easier than ever to reach optimal wellness & help others do the same.

THRIVING is as easy as 1-2-3! Whether you are following the Classic THRIVE or THRIVE ELITE Experience, the 3 simple steps to follow each morning are the same:

Step 1: Take your Lifestyle Capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with a glass of water.
Step 2: 20-40 minutes later, drink your Lifestyle Mix.
Step 3: Apply your Cosmetic DFT of choice to clean, dry skin & replace every 24 hours in a new location on the body.

Purchase your THRIVE products right here on our website or through contacting a Le-Vel Brand Promoter.

THRIVE Products are manufactured in North America.

Not all of our products are vegan, but some are! Here are our available Vegan products:

THRIVE Vegan Lifestyle Mix - offered in: Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate
THRIVE Restore
THRIVE Thirst and ThirstIC
THRIVE Plus Gummies - Multivitamin
THRIVE Plus Gummies - Immune
THRIVE Plus Gummies - Sleep

Yes, all THRIVE products are gluten-free.

You can use the products up to two years after the date shown on the packaging.

Please consult with your doctor as they will know what is best for you!

THRIVE products are suitable for ages 18+ with the exception of THRIVE Multivitamin Gummies which are suitable for all ages!

Just get right back to your 3-steps the next day for maximum results & benefits! It is important to stay consistent with your steps and we recommend following the steps as intended each day.

Cosmetic DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology. The Cosmetic DFT is step 3 of our 3 step THRIVE Experience. The Cosmetic DFT infuses the skin with premium nutrients over an extended period of time (24 hours). They are designed to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier, and help improve skin elasticity & appearance.

Depending on your Cosmetic DFT of choice, follow the instructions on the packaging. Typically, we recommend applying your Cosmetic DFT to clean, dry skin and replace it every 24 hours in a different part of the body. For example: shoulder one day, back the next, etc.

The main difference between the Men's and the Women's capsules is the amount of caffeine. Men's contains slightly more caffeine than Women's. Many women choose to take the Men's capsules as they are wanting the extra push in the morning to start their day! Follow what feels right for you & your body.

Please visit this link: to connect with a current promoter that can assist you with more information and answer any questions you may have! Happy THRIVING!

We are so glad you asked! We do not provide free samples, but many of our promoters do! If you comment on our most recent post that you'd like to try a sample of THRIVE, there's a good chance that a promoter will send one to you. An alternative is to create a customer account and ask your sponsor promoter for a sample. Visit this link:

So excited to get you started & THRIVING! The first step to start the THRIVE Experience or THRIVE ELITE Experience is to create a free customer account. Go to and click on CUSTOMER at the top to get started.

After creating a customer account, you will be put in contact with an active Promoter who can help you along with your Experience. From there, you will also be able to order products.

A Promoter can not Edit their items on an Autoship. So,they will need to delete the existing Autoship profile and create a new one with the new information.

A Customer can change their autoship by going to Manage Autoship>>Edit Items and selecting the new items and removing the old before saving changes.

Orders are filled immediately but will show processing until the tracking links are loaded each day. Tracking links are loaded in the afternoon and evening and take 24 hours to update.

If it has been more than 24 to 36 hours and you do not receive a tracking link please submit a Support ticket so the order can be reviewed.

When you have 2 personal Customers enrolled in the Autoship Program, you are eligible to receive free products each and every month as long as they continue their Autoship. You will receive THRIVE credit equal to the average of your two highest(maximum of $400) personal Customer Autoship orders. Referrals do not count towards this Refer 2 program.

You are only eligible if you have at least 2 customers placing autoship orders within the same calendar month.

Only orders placed by your personally referred Customers are eligible. THRIVE credits are an easy and fun way to buy free THRIVE. Promoters and Customers can use their credits on orders, reorders and Autoships. You just pay for shipping and if there's a difference in order amount.

******You are only eligible as long as you have at least 2 customers placing autoship orders within that calendar month

Your customer autoships are calculated at the end of each month and Thrive credit will show up on the 2nd of the following month to use toward your own purchases.


If the Brand Promoter has purchased products for inventory purposes or sales aids while the Agreement was in effect, all product in a CURRENTLY MARKETABLE, REUSABLE, UNOPENED AND RESALABLE condition which have been purchased within sixty (60) days** shall be repurchased subject to compliance with the Seventy Percent Rule (see section VI. Purchase and Sale of Products). The repurchase shall be at a price of not less than 90% (ninety percent) of the original net cost to the participant minus any freight charges and commissions paid to the Brand.

Promoters will pay for all shipping charges.

This requests will be considered a resignation of the promotership.

Promoters must submit a ticket to Support requesting an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization). Without this number the refund may be delayed.

We ship to the United States, AFO/APO addresses, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and the UK - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We are in the process of opening in several countries in Southeast Asia at this time, and we do have plans to open in other countries in the future as well but the registration process is currently only complete in these listed.

Areas not listed above are not able to be shipped to or registered as Promoters/Customers at this time.

To add credits to an order that is processing please submit a ticket to Support. Le-Vel Credits can be used for any orders that do NOT include Promoter Upgrade Packages. Le-Vel Credits also can not be used to cover the cost of the shipping or any applicable taxes.

Please note that some promotions and new products do not allow credits to be added to an order. Adding credits is time sensitive as they must be applied before commissions process on the order. Commissions run Tuesday around 1pm EST.

Please also note that if credits have already been applied to an order no additional credits can be added.

The basic cost of shipping is calculated within the invoice. Any additional taxes and or duties owed for orders over the de minimis limit of each country are the responsibility of the consumer.

The regulations governing sales tax and Nexus have changed over the years. This means that even though we previously were not required to charge sales tax we are now mandated to collect and remit sales tax in all states.

There are exceptions to the online orders rule and as our business continues to grow additional states are mandating that we charge Sales tax. Currently South Dakota, Washington, Idaho, Minnesota, Georgia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Nevada, Nebraska, North Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and South Carolina are requiring us to charge sales tax on all orders shipping to their states. The tax is applied according to the tax laws in each state and county.